Research in our group is devoted to the characterisation of the structures of a variety of molecules using rotational spectroscopy in combination with different techniques for vaporization. We use frequency-domain and time-domain spectrometers coupled with laser ablation, heating and fast-mixing methods, and electric discharges to study biomolecules (amino acids, nucleic acid bases, etc.), molecules of astrophysical interest, and complexes, among others. Please have a look at our research page for more information on our projects!

Our laboratory is involved in an international endeavor to advance our molecular understanding of the universe.  Together with laboratories in Spain, Europe and the United States (NASA), we are using high resolution experimental techniques to produce and analyze important possible inter-stellar molecules to meet the needs of the astrochemical and astrobiolgical community. Please have a look at the website.


Grupo de Espectroscopia Molecular

Laboratorios de Espectroscopia y Bioespectroscopia

Edificio Quifima. Parque Científico

Campus Miguel Delibes. Camino del Cementerio, s/n

Universidad de Valladolid.

Valladolid 47011. SPAIN

Phone Directory:

Office                                  +34 983 186 345
Lab                                      +34 983 186348/49/27/44
Fax                                      +34 983 186349


Highlighted publications

 The conformational behaviour of free D-glucose -at last

 Laboratory and astronomical discovery of hydromagnesium isocyanide

Spectroscopic characterization and detection of Ethyl Mercaptan in Orion









Grupo de Espectroscopía Molecular at the University of Valladolid (GEM-UVA), belonging to ASTROMOL, has been constituted as Associated Unit of CSIC through the Center of Astrobiology.