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Mission, vision and values.

GEM - Grupo de Espectroscopia Molecular / Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to advance excellence in the physical chemistry sciences; Alonso Research Group works hard to be one of the leading groups in Molecular Spectroscopy at international level.

Our main objective is to develop an applied research and provide technological solutions through innovation in our spectroscopic techniques.


So far we have applied our technology in two fields:

1. The structural determination of molecules and biomolecules such as amino acids, nucleosides, neurotransmitters, drugs and others in order to establish a relationship between their structures and their properties.

2. The molecular understanding of the universe.

Thanks to the high resolution of our techniques we believe we have great potential to provide concrete solutions to different sectors of the industry and collaborate on research projects. Our group pretends to promote collaboration and innovation by seeking partner with industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, agrofood and/or beverages, which could benefit from the application of our techniques.

We believe in a next future our techniques could be implemented like a new analytical method to determine the presence/absence of specific analysts in samples or to determine the structure of bioactive compounds not identified so far.


· Permanent search for excellence in research results.
· Highly qualified staff, with continuous training and stays in referral centers.
· Increased international impact of projects.
· Continued effort to maintain a leadership position.
· Innovative and overcoming eagerness.
· To promote the scientific thinking in the university community.

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